Social Benefits - Hearing Preparation

Documents and Evidence 

Once you receive your Notice of Hearing, it is important to prepare for the hearing.

The Social Benefits Tribunal will allow an appellant (the person making the appeal) to present documents at the hearing to help the appellant tell his or her story. These documents are called evidence.

Evidence can include bringing a person who knows your side of the story and can speak to the tribunal about your case. This person is called a witness, and can help by giving oral testimony. 

Appellants must give copies of any documents, or the names of any witnesses, to the Tribunal. A copy of this list must also be given to the local ODSP office.

This must be done at least 20 days before the hearing. The documents to be used in the appeal can be delivered to the tribunal and to the ODSP office either in person, by mail, or by fax. This is important because any documents that are not received by the tribunal and the ODSP office by the 20-day deadline cannot be used at the tribunal hearing.

What About Letters From your Doctor?

Any medical letters must be sent to both the Disability Adjudication Unit and to the tribunal. You should send these letters as soon as possible. You cannot send them later than 30 days before the date of your hearing.

You can ask a social worker, lawyer, or family member to help you prepare any medical documents for your hearing. 

Providing Services to People with Disabilities

The Social Benefits Tribunal describes how it provides service to people with disabilities with a Customer Service Policy linked here.  Providing Services to People with Disabilities

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