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Types of Issues the Board will Hear

The information below explains how to complain to and how to appeal decisions made by local Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), under the Home Care and Community Services Act. If your issue is complicated or difficult to explain, you may want to see a lawyer before beginning an appeal.

If you wish to complain or make an appeal, contact The Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB), The HSARB hears appeals under a number of health care laws, including the Home Care and Community Services Act, which used to be called the Long-Term Care Act. This act describes how CCACs offer a number of health services including nursing care, personal support workers, and homemaking to people who live in the community.  It also includes the Home Care Bill of Rights, which is a document that describes the quality of service you have a right to expect from your local CCAC.

The job of the CCACs in Ontario is to make sure that people who live in the community get the supports and services they need.  If your CCAC decides that you are not eligible for service, or if they cut back the service you receive, they must tell you in writing about how to ask for a review of the decision and how to make a complaint. 

After you go through the complaint process, you can appeal some decisions to the HSARB.  Each of the 14 CCACs has its own way of handling complaints, so if you'd like to make a complaint, ask your CCAC to explain the procedure to you in detail. You should also keep all letters from your CCAC about their decisions and any complaints you might have. These will be useful if you decide to appeal.

Types of Issues the Board Will Hear

The HSARB will hear your appeal if:

  • You think you have not been given the right kind of service (nursing, home care, homemaking).
  • You think you need more service than you’ve been given.
  • Your services were cut back.
  • Your services were changed.
  • Your services were stopped.

What the HSARB Can Do for You

The HSARB can do one of three things:

  • Agree with the CCAC (uphold the decision).
  • Order the CCAC to make a new decision; it can also make suggestions about what the CCAC should consider in making the decision.
  • Replace the CCAC decision with one of its own.

What HSARB Cannot Do for You

The HSARB cannot hear appeals about:

  • the quality of the service you receive
  • complaints that are covered or that may be resolved under the Home Care Bill of Rights.

How Do You Apply?

To apply to the HSARB for an appeal, call or write to the review board and ask for a hearing. They will send you the forms and a description of how the hearing will take place.

HSARB can be reached at:

Health Services Appeal and Review Board
151 Bloor Street West, 9th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1S4

Toronto Line: 416-327-8512
Toll-free: 1-800-282-2179
TTY: 416-326-7889
TTY (toll free): 1-877-301-0889
FAX: 416-327-8524
Email: hsarb@ontario

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